It has been proven that the US government will strengthen

It has been proven that the US government will strengthen its financial sector, which was expected to invest. By October 2010, the US government had almost withdrawn its investments, at an approximate cost. Companies such as GMC, American Express, AIG, Bank of America and Citigroup have repaid many types of residential and commercial mortgages.

The only condition of the law is that the purchase of “distressed property” must strengthen the stability of the financial market. For example, banks and other financial institutions can dump some assets into the government and their liquidity can be improved, saving, indicating that the NPL has already benefited from billions of dollars in profits. Two thirds of the total amount borrowed has been paid to banks and other institutions in full.

Although the US public may have been against the program when it was first introduced, it appears to be financially smart in the long term. This return on investment is 8 percent much higher than the yield on 3 percent Treasury bonds during the same period.

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